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Player/Character Roster


  • Emily
  • Andrew
  • Jeremy
  • John
  • Jonathan
  • Philip

Character Creation

Level one heroic adventurers who fit into the Dark Sun idiom.


See the Dark Sun campaign guide for guidelines on races. Not all races are present on Athas, and some of the races that are present are changed in flavor (though not in game stats).

Backgrounds and Themes

Any background that gives a +2 to a skill or adds an additional skill to your list of class skills is acceptable. Backgrounds that instead of a skill bonus give a bonus language are also OK.

Any Dark Sun theme is okay, but try to work with the other players to build a party that will work together. The Defiling Templar of a Sorcerer-King and the Veiled Alliance Elemental Priest likely have little in common! A background benefit and a theme can both be taken.


All characters receive a bonus Versatile Expertise feat. Characters who prefer to take a more specialized Expertise (in order to gain a particular benefit) pay for it normally.


Dark Sun is all about scarcity. It's a hostile world full of hostile things, and the environment itself is dangerous. Inherent Bonuses are in use, and expect permanent magical items to be fairly rare (much moreso than in normal D&D!). Expect to track things like provisions and ammunition, since in most of the places the characters will go these things can't easily be foraged or scrounged.

Recovering Ammunition
PCs can recover half of all fired ammunition.
Custom Equipment
A list of custom consumables and magic items in the campaign can be found here