D&D 4e: Gods of Akhelaten II

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GM: Jeremy
Players: John, Emily, Andrew, Michelle, Kevin
System: D&D 4th Edition


Gods of Akhelaten II: Coils of the World Serpent

A thousand years ago the Transcendent was defeated, and civilization fell. Humanity - now split into dozens of mortal races by paranoid gods - has finally rebuilt from the rubble. Brave heroes head into parts of the world abandoned for a millennium and discover that, for some, the war never ended. Featuring a full cast of warrior witches, battle nuns, eldritch horrors, robot leviathans, talking swords, time travellers, seers, gods, and the occasional dragon.


Sisters of the Paradox

The Sisters of the Paradox are a group of near-immortal women who have taken on the trappings of nuns to help them get through the centuries with a little decorum. They wear black habits and white clay masks to hide their inhumanly pale, waxy skin. Formed out of the last survivors of the Empire of the Broken Shield, they managed to use the leftover equipment in the Silver Spire to give themselves eternal life - or something approaching it, anyway. Their overall goal is to be reunited with the family members taken from them by the Transcendant, a goal they hoped to achieve by creating a paradox and unzipping the timeline back to the Transcendant's first arrival - giving the world another chance to face her and hopefully achieve a different outcome. This plan failed when it turned out the timeline does not actually give a damn about paradoxes. They are now working closely with the Strigoi.

Mother Paradox

The eldest of the Sisters, Mother Paradox is kind, grandmotherly, and a deadly telekinetic. She spent most of the last thousand years interfaced with the systems of the Silver Spire, keeping things running while trying to crack the automatic lockdown that was started after the Transcendant's defeat.

Sister Wanderer

While many of the Sisters were spread out over the continent in solitude, contemplating or watching, Sister Wanderer's job was to wander from place to place, bearing news or just exploring. She is the most restless and driven of the Sisters, hating to sit still for very long, occasionally to the point of recklessness. When forced to fight - and given that the continent is overrun with minions of the Staring Eye, this is often - she prefers to create paper shikigami and send them to fight while she supports them from a distance.


The only Sister to regularly go by her real name, she volunteered to act as a guinea pig for the process that made them immortal - as a result, she is just a little broken. She requires a constant diet of living energy, extracted vampire-like from their bodies; victims of her feeding invariably rise as undead. Despite this, she is kind, friendly, open and honest, if something of a vapid space-case and driven to inane babbling. Does not generally prey on sentient life; her lair can usually be identified by all the zombie squirrels running around.

Sister Combustion

Resident mad scientist among the Sisters, she has a knack for the Transcendant's technology and was responsible for getting most of the Spire's systems running. She managed to partially rebuild the severely-damaged Deva of Winter as well, using it as a weapon against the Staring Eye - unfortunately, it was almost immediately reclaimed by the Transcendant after she finally got it working.

The Strigoi

Formed after the end of the last war as a priesthood devoted to Strigoicia, the modern-day Strigoi's role is to protect the Cloudhills and Mount Haku-Aten from trespassers, and to hunt down and destroy the reincarnations of the Transcendent. To this end, they take on the public persona of wild witch-women, terrifying warriors of the north who eat men and curse anyone who dares set foot in the lands in the shadow of Haku-Aten. In truth, the witches of the north are only one branch of their organization, which has infiltrated most of the neighbouring kingdoms and works hard to spread frightening stories of what the Strigoi do to trespassers. Fear keeps most people away from their territory, and that's the way the Strigoi like it. Most recently, the Transcendent hoodwinked them into killing an innocent girl in her place, and she lived for many years among their membership as "Marta", a Strigoi witch. This has proven to be something of an embarrassment for the Strigoi, since the world is kind of doomed now.

The Gods of Akhelaten

Akhelaten remains hidden atop Mount Haku-Aten, keeping out of world affairs for the most part. The City of Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven Gods is ruled by a triumvirate now: Baelroth, God of War, who basically remains quiet and occasionally goes out and commits terrible, violent atrocities for his own personal reasons; Strigoicia, Goddess of Retribution, patron goddess of witches and of the Strigoi, who is only slightly more talkative than Baelroth and likewise slightly less likely to randomly kill you; and Sarig, the three-faced God of Wizardry, schemer and insufferable know-it-all, who is either the mastermind behind a plan to save the world from the Transcendant and the Staring Eye, or just really good at improvising.


The Staring Eye

An eldritch abomination inhabiting the Lost Continent, it terrorized pretty much everyone there with seemingly limitless hordes of minions, all of them mocking facsimiles of real beings. In the end, it ate the City By The Sea in a single bite and hasn't been heard from since. Recent information has revealed it to be some kind of tentacled horror that lives at the centre of the planet, which has eaten most of the world - its nature and its motives are still unguessable, other than that it is utterly alien and inimical to all life.

The Silver City

The Silver City is the Transcendant's vast army of machines and enslaved gods. Possessing magic and technology far more advanced than anything else in the world, the Silver City is poised to walk across the world, crushing all opposition beneath its metal feet.

Ravda the Transcendant

Ravda is the last elf remaining in the world. Exiled here from Alfgard for her grotesque research and unspeakable discoveries, she is hellbent on reopening the gate to the elven realm and retaking it by force. She seems to be able to manipulate spirits and souls as if they were matter, bending living beings and gods to her will and fitting them into her machines as simple cogs. She is arrogant, however, and this often causes her to leave exploitable holes in her security.

Macht, Deva of Greed and Power
Garm, Deva of Destruction
The Leviathan, Deva of Spring Water Terror

The Setting

World of Akhelaten - the physical world the game takes place in.
History of Akhelaten - the history leading up to the current campaign.