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Current Running Games

In Planning

D&D4e Restwell Keep on the Borderlands - Heroic Tier mini-campaign through the historic Caves of Chaos.

Deadlands: Weird West Monster Hunting - High-powered Spaghetti Western With Meat

Random Notes

GURPS World of Warcraft - Random notes on racial templates, etc.

The effects of Size Modifier - Trying to compile all the rules about size modifier from the myriad of books it is referenced, optional and firm, as well as guidelines, commentary, and some houserules (houserules clearly noted).

Defunct Games

GURPS: The Serpent's Skull - Mid-powered GURPS 4E Dungeon Fantasy exploring ancient temples and tropical islands.

D&D 4e: Gods of Akhelaten III - Third game in the relentless Gods of Akhelaten series, because it's impossible to shut Jeremy up once he's got some inertia going. Unlikely heroes must save a fragmented world from an ancient evil.

GURPS Monster Hunters - Powerful heroes are a force for light in a world of darkness and horror.

GURPS Chaos Scar - Adapting from D&D 4e to GURPS.

GURPS DF: Borderlands - Mid to high level fantasy action adventure romp.

Pyramid of Doom (GURPS)

Deadlands: Rocky Mountain Horror Show (GURPS)

Dungeon Fantasy: Idylls of the Rat King - GURPS Dungeon Fantasy over OpenRPG

Gods of Akhelaten (GURPS)

Who Burns Brightest (GURPS)

Yrth (GURPS)

Generic Fantasy Game - AKA Francois' Supers Game (GURPS)

Dungeon Fantasy: Archbridge Adventures - GURPS Dungeon Fantasy over OpenRPG. Borrowing some of the cast from Idylls of the Rat King.

GURPS Supers: City of Heroes - GURPS Supers using the City of Heroes setting and Paragon City.

D&D 4e: Dark Sun - Blood and Sand - D&D 4e campaign set on Athas.

D&D 4e: The Scales of War - Running through the Scales of War Adventure Path.

D&D 4e: Revenge of the Giants - Face to Face D&D 4e games, using the Revenge of the Giants mini-Campaign module from WotC.

D&D 4e: Gods of Akhelaten II - Sequel to the Gods of Akhelaten, this time following mortal heroes as they face the Transcendant's third and final war.