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GM: Emily
Players: Kevin, Andrew, Francois, Matt, Jeremy
Rules: GURPS (Basic, Magic, Banestorm) with some houserules.

The Cast

Player Characters

Sir James Fitzpatrick, Treesbane
Steven "Grizzly Adams" O' The Woods
Alyks of Harkwood
Numenel Ultivanest
Kaseth Thornmantle

Non-Player Characters

Game Trivia

Megalan currency

All modern Megalan currency features a barely flattering portrait of Emperor Diophrates XII. Most older coins are out of circulation, claimed by the government and reminted with Diophrates' face, but coins with previous Emperors still pop up on occasion.

Purity of metal - Megalan coinage is of varying levels of purity, but no coin is officially less than 80%; really old coins were about as pure as one could get. The government officially does not allow old coins to be traded at more than their face value, and would really like people to hand them in please. Once you're out of the centeral Empire, however, this is politely ignored and you can usually spend really old coinage at a decent exchange rate, or sell it to a jewler.

Megalan Coins

Bit - brass. Valued at eight to the Farthing, or 32 to the Penny. 0.125$ each. Front design: a fieldmouse passant. Bits are 11/16" accross and 1/16" thick (about the size of a dime). They weigh at 140 per pound. Not common adventurer coinage.

Farthing - copper. Valued at four to the Penny. 1$ each. Front design: an eagle displayed. Farthings are 17/16" across and 2/16" thick (about the size of a toonie, but twice as thick). They weigh at 25 per pound.

Penny - silver. Valued at fifty to the Mark. 4$ each. Front design: a boar rampant. Pennies are 9/16" across and 3/32" thick (smaller than a dime, but twice as thick). They weigh at 65 per pound.

Mark - gold. 200$ each. Front design: a dragon 'rampant'. Marks are 12/16" across and 1/16" thick (compare Bits). They weigh at 50 to a pound.