April 14, 2007

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Tentative plans for this date: The Gods of Akhelaten game, run by Jeremy.

As per Jeremy's email of March 24th, 2007:

Re: God Game, if you're satisfied with your character, please e-mail me a copy with a description of what they look like. If you're not feeling descriptively-inclined, a point-form list of notable features will do. Background too, if you have one, although I am perfectly okay with fleshing out your background in play ("Yes, this is the very same village you were once worshiped in, before it was destroyed by... what, ducks? Aztecs? Fire? Fire. Ok, before it was destroyed by fire.")

I'd like to run the first session on, um, Saturday April 11th? Maybe? Unless we have other plans.

The game actually took place on April 14th, on account of the 11th was not a Saturday.

A very brief summary of events:

  • awakened to a city destroyed by giant robots
  • interrogated a dying monk, discovered the flying robot problem.
  • fled to a village in the mountains downhill from us.
  • discovered the village was destroyed by flying robots.
  • possessed a feral teenager, fled.
  • Found a village in the plains subjugated by robots.
  • rescued the village by smashing the Arbiter Sphere and a zappy Transformer (Decepticons!)
  • released the teenager to escort the plains villagers back to the destroyed village in the mountains to escape the Decepticons inevitable wrath.
  • went merrily down the yellow dirt road to the probably destroyed probably infested with Decepticons city.