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Character Point rewards will be associated with various goals and tasks that PCs accept, based on the GMs estimation of how difficult or significant they are (not based on how difficult the PCs manage to make them). CP rewards for tasks may range from 2-5 per character for "simple" tasks, up to 20 or more for amazing ones. Players will have the opportunity to pick up between 20 to 50 CP in a single "expedition" but no reward will be provided until PCs find or complete the task. Some tasks will be less time sensitive than others can be attempted again on another expedition - but other adventurers may take care of the problem if you take too long.

Incidental situations PCs stumble into may or may not garner an additional CP reward - not every task begins and ends In Town. "Grinding" for extra CP through random encounters is not an option - if players prefer "grinding" I can instead run a "fight club" type game.

CPs will be handed out as goals are completed; this will usually be back "in town" as characters will often need to report success, return recovered objects or persons, deliver trophies, etc to someone as part of a task.

Additional "Bonus" CP will be handed out for being exceptionally entertaining - engrossing, funny, dramatic, clever, whatever (GM's call but I will take input from other PCs into consideration). The Gods like a good show of things just as much as the GM and other Players do - these may be regular CP, or "Successes only" CP.

"Successes only" CP

Some tasks may reward "Successes only" CP - either instead of or in addition to a standard CP reward. These are temporary "luck" or "blessings" from supernatural or divine sources, and are usable only for buying Successes or Player Guidance (see below).

Note that normal CP spent on successes, player guidance, and points spent on extra cash at character creation will be considered "Spent" points and part of your point total, for purposes of charging for Allies and for making replacement characters.

"CP that can be used for successes only" awarded by NPCs as a mechanic to handle "luck" or "blessings" earned in play will not count towards the character point total, nor will looted cash, temporary spells cast by NPCs on PCs as rewards, and various other misc things. Ask the GM if you need clarification in any particular instance.

Cash Rewards

Successful expeditions will have plenty of opportunity to earn valuable prizes, either "in the field" or as rewards upon your return, but many sources of valuables will require skills to exploit fully (or even recognize).

Generally bounties on intelligent monsters (and selling their stuff) is the best source of money that doesn't require non-combat skills to acquire, but even in this case characters may be rewarded with items, and will always do better selling loot that they can positively identify.

As a rough estimate, group profit from an expedition might be in the range of $20 to $125 per character point earned, after liquidating loot and covering expenses.

The lower end will be more typical for an expedition skipping quests and just looting whatever, and then selling said loot at the default (or even a sub par) profit margin. You can manage even less than this by being utterly unwelcome in town. Please try not to.

The higher end would be typical of a group designed to find, identify, and excavate every copper piece of value out of each piece of treasure and monster corpse. Then back in town the Nymph Bard does all the reselling and negotiations for rewards, and the making excuses for the half-ogre knight.

Spending CP


Spending earned CP on character advancement takes a week's rest in town, and in most cases costs money spent on rental of training facilities, hiring sparring partners and tutors, access to training materials, etc.

Note that Knights and Clerics may not buy new skills in the field "on the fly" for free, despite what it says on their templates (but see Instant Knowledge, below).

"Standard" Training costs

Not all places can offer all forms of training (or at the same prices), but there are some standards. Training costs are subject to the usual rules for buying things. Also as usual, PCs may negotiate for each other if the players agree.

  • Improving an Attribute or sub-attribute up to racial maximum¹: free
  • Improving an Attribute over racial maximum, where permitted by an unusual background², perk, or benefit earned in-game: $10/character point.
  • Gaining a new advantage, or power, or the first point in a new skill or spell: $40/character point.
  • Improving an existing advantage, power, skill, or spell: $20/character point.

¹ Racial maximum is the normal maximum as defined in the Basic Set and DF1, plus or minus any racial adjustments.

² Character templates come with built-in unusual backgrounds (zero point!); PCs built without a template will get similar concept-related benefits, to be negotiated with the GM.

In the Field

Successes and Narrative influence

Players may freely Buy Successes as per the Influencing Success Rolls box on Basic page 347; Player Guidance (same box) is also available but the GM will often incorporate sufficiently "cool" ideas without charging character points. Ideas that completely short-circuit a major task will be vetoed, as will boring ideas.

Character points must be available to be spent - point debt is not an option.

Players that like game systems with Fate Points, Hero Points, and the like, which regularly give you the ability to make narrative edits, may find Luck and/or Serendipity to be better investments than spending points regularly. The advantages can't be used as frequently but can be used regularly. And of course both advantages can be supplemented by spot CP expenditures.

Instant Knowledge

The Reawakened advantage (Basic Set page 80) lets a player spend character points at any time on advancing skills, spells, or techniques without a teacher or particular study time.

This makes the DF3: Power Ups p39 suggestion that Knights be able to buy new weapon skills mid-combat effectively into a free 5+ point ability and probably a bit much as a gimmie, but very accessible as an advantage. Instead add Reawakened (Emergencies Only, -30%; Focused: Knightly Skills, -20%) [5] (for "skilling up" in combat only, must be a situationally appropriate skill) or Reawakened (Focused: Knightly Skills, -20%) [8] to the list of Power Ups available to Knights. "Knightly Skills" covers the Knight! wildcard skill, and all Primary and Secondary skills on the Knight template. Other templates (and template-less characters) can buy similar Reawakened advantages, subject to GM veto.

Alternate forms of Instant Knowledge

Divine Interventions can give players opportunities to improve skills unexpectedly and instantly with available CP, as can the occasional mystic pool, alchemical concoction or backfire, critical success on a spell, and various other in-game wackyness.

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