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Loose timeline

  • Protogenoi (Titans) create the universe out of the formless void, apparently to entertain themselves.
  • Protogenoi spawn the Theoi (Gods) as servants, "middle managers" to the mortals and all creation.
  • Protogenoi rule over the universe, playing with it like a particularly complicated toy.
  • Theoi revolt against the Protogenoi , triggering the Titanomachia, the Titan's War.
  • The world is trampled under foot by the struggles between the Theoi and the Protogenoi, the heavens are rearranged, landscapes are turned on end, and much suffering is had by all.
  • Theoi win the Titanomachia, dismembering some titans, imprisoning others, and exiling others from the universe.
  • Theoi set up a pact of worship with the mortals, which is a distinct improvement in management style over Titanic rule.
  • 300 years are spent attempting to rebuild everything.

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