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Value of Coins

Players are free to refer to these as copper, silver, etc. coins, but to avoid confusion please call the stater (a half pound slug of gold) by its name to keep it from being confused for the dimina, the "usual" gold coin. Most trade is done in silver, billion, and copper coins.

All the coins are slightly debased for durability. Values for raw metals are given below.

Coin Metal Value # in a pound Notes
stater gold $2,500.00 2 17/16" slug
dimina gold $500.00 10 9/16" coin
mina electrum $250.00 8 12/16" coin, gold/silver alloy
drachma silver $50.00 5 18/16" coin
obolos billon $5.00 20 10/16" coin, silver/copper alloy
chalkoi copper $1.00 25 9/16" coin
ligo brass $0.25 20 11/16" coin, sometimes cut into 1/5th wedges.

To give you a point of comparison, a dime is about 11/16" and a quarter is about 17/16". Most of the coins are therefore tiny by modern standards.

The coins of silver and lesser metal are about the thickness of a dime. The mina is a little thicker.

The "gold" dimina and stater are slightly debased for durability. Both are quite thick, the dimina thicker than a quarter, and the stater thicker than two dimes.

Value of Metals

The following table summarizes the rate of exchange per pound that will be used in campaign. Historical buffs will note that the interference of magical, divine, and protogenoi powers has caused some bad inflation. This is because we like gold coins and big chunky silver coins worth talking about.

Metal 1 lb Notes
gold $5,000.00
electrum $2,000.00 Varies based on ratio, value is for coin metal
silver $250.00
billon $100.00 Varies based on ratio, value is for coin metal
copper $25.00
  • "Electrum" here refers to an alloy of 2/3rds silver, 1/3rd gold (by weight).
  • "Billon" here refers to an alloy of ~1/8th silver, ~7/8ths copper (by weight).