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  • p 61 - Multipurpose Strikers can be bought as Alternate Attacks. Should you figure out how to do this. This is mostly a note for GM creation of racial templates.
  • p 121 - Character Point for Self-Control is in effect.
  • p 176 - Wildcard Skills are in effect (and I am also using the special rules from MH: Missions and MH: Champions)
  • p 229 - Techniques are not entirely in effect - you may try any technique, but you may not buy off the penalty at character creation. After character creation, you must buy off the entire penalty at once.
  • p 269 - Modifying Dice + Adds is not in effect.
  • p 294 - Maintaining Skills is not in effect.


  • p 347 - Influencing Success is in effect (and see MH: Missions and MH: Champions for special rules regarding them - these rules will be used in DF)
  • p 352 - ST and Jumping is in effect
  • p 352 - Jumping with Encumbrance is in effect
    • GM will provide a chart because doing math at the table is kind of stupid.
  • p 357 - Extra Effort in Combat is in effect for all options, and see Martial Arts and MH:Missions for more options
  • p 370 - Fixed Deceptive Attacks is in effect. This may change after the campaign progresses for a while.
  • p 379 - Fast Damage Resolution for Multiple Hits is not in effect
  • pp 384-416 - Tactical Combat and Special Combat Situations are in effect except as noted below
    • pp 384-392 - At the GM's option on a per-combat basis, Tactical Combat may not be in effect
  • p 395 - Changing Posture in Armor is not in effect
  • p 407 - Malfunctions is in effect (should you find a gun or another complicated Gadgeteering weapon)
  • p 417 - Cinematic Combat Rules are not in effect except as noted elsewhere
  • p 417 - Dual Weapon Attack techniques cannot be purchased without Weapon Master, and the penalty must be completely bought off at once.
  • p 420 - Enhanced injury rules are not in effect except for Bleeding
  • p 484 - Damage to shields is currently in effect, but see the Equipment#Revised_Shields section for updated shield stats.

Monster Hunters: The Mission

  • p 20 - Acrobatic Combat (including Warrior Moves) is in effect
  • pp 21-22 - Fighting Smart is in effect

Martial Arts

  • p 49 - Extra Hit Points is in effect; anyone may buy any amount of HP
  • p 60 - Optional Tactics skill use is not in effect
  • p 69 - Targeted Attacks is in effect
  • p 80 - Combinations is in effect
  • p 82 - Only Weapon Masters and those Trained by a Master may improve Cinematic Techniques
  • pp 97-124 - All rules are in effect except as noted below
  • p 110 - A Matter of Inches is not in effect
    • p 113 - Untrained Fighters may be in effect but shouldn't apply to PCs
    • p 122 - Limiting Dodges is not in effect
    • p 124 - Harsh Realism for Unarmed Fighters is not in effect
  • pp 125-130 - These cinematic and chambara rules are not in effect
  • p 131 - Extra Effort in Combat are in effect and can be used by PCs, their Allies, and Worthy or Boss enemies
    • p 131 - Heroic Charge is in effect with modifications (doesn't remove parry penalty or -4 to attack, cannot move away from target while charging)
    • p 131 - Giant Step is in effect with modifications (you may also combine Giant Step with a Move, to add +1 to your final (not Base) Move. You still may not combine Giant Step with a Move and Attack, Comitted Attack, or All Out Attack.)
  • p 132 - More Cinematic Combat Rules are not in effect except as noted below
    • p 132 - Shout It Out! may be in effect in a modified form (ie, any style can have a secret or special move that you can shout out)
  • pp 136-138 - Realistic Injury is not in effect
  • p 216 - Weapons of Quality is in effect as modified by Dungeon Fantasy: Adventurers and Low-Tech

Low Tech

  • p 100 - Armor Locations and the related modified hit location table is in effect.
  • p 101 - Chinks in Armor - the first paragraph is in effect, but see Sliding Rivets below.
    • p 101 - the rest of this section, starting with Harsh Realism - Armor Gaps, is not in effect.
  • p 109 - Heavy Plate is in effect but will not be freely available for players at character creation.
  • p 109 - Sliding Rivets is not in effect. TL4 plate is already awesome enough.
  • p 109 - Copper and Bronze is in effect.
  • p 113 - Plumes and Crests is in effect and give +1 effective SM for intimidation. Fabulous hats are fabulous.

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