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Lightweight, comfortable, concealable, and above all nearly impossible to penetrate with a bullet, the Bulletproof Vest is one of S&R's bestsellers. While it only covers the torso (front and back), there are a number of gunfighters on both sides of the law who owe their lives to this piece of work.

System: Provides DR 12/4 to the torso (front and back). Use the number before the slash for piercing and cutting attacks; after the slash for all others. The Bulletproof Vest is concealable under clothing, though it's obvious for what it is when uncovered. It weighs only two pounds. Costs $5000.

Malfunctions: Roll each time the Vest's DR is penetrated by an attack. On a 16, the inner plates of ghost steel are knocked out of alignment - the vest's DR is halved until they can be realigned, requiring removal of the vest and a few minutes' work. On a 17 several of the inner plates have cracked completely; the vest provides no DR until repaired; this requires a workshop, ghost steel plates (not always available), two hours' work, and a roll against Weird Science (unmodified) or Armory: Body Armor at -2. On an 18 the Ghost Rock Dust mixed in with the iron ignites; the wearer is considered on fire for 1d-1 damage/second until he's put out, and the vest is all but destroyed. Rebuilding it out of the salvageable parts requires 8 hours in a workshop, ghost steel plates (again not always available), and a Weird Science roll at -2 or an Armory: Body Armor roll at -8.

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