D&D 4e: The Scales of War

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GM: Kevin
Players: John, Emily, Andrew, Curtis, Jason, Tammy
System: D&D 4th Edition

Player Characters

Mama Ocllo (Emily)
Pieter Knifesinger (John)
Aesyra Songwod (Andrew)
Marik (Curtis)

The Setting

House Rules and Other Information

In general, all official errata apply to the game. Additionally, there are some other changes to powers and house rules in use.

Allowed Content

All content from core books is generally allowed. This includes:

  • Player's Handbook
  • Player's Handbook 2
  • Eberron Player's Guide (Excepting Dragonmark Feats)
  • Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
  • Martial Power
  • Arcane Power
  • Divine Power
  • Primal Power

Content from other sources (Dragon Magazine, PH: Heroes supplements) may be allowed; the answer is usually 'yes, provided you're not planning to give the GM headaches with it'.

Houseruled Abilities

There are some things that WotC just hasn't gotten around to fixing yet.

Houseruled Abilities


Ritual scrolls can be created 'charged'; to do so, spend the ritual components necessary to cast the ritual at the time the scroll is created. A charged ritual scroll requires no components to use, but still requires the necessary time (half the ritual's casting time).

Magic Items

The GM is fond enough of custom magic items that they warrant their own page:

New Magic Items