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Grit: [5 points/level] Some folks have it. Grit. Sand. Cojones. Big brass ones. Any way you call it, exposure to the horrors of the Weird West has left you a little tougher-minded than most folks. You get +1 to Will for the purposes of Fear Checks. Grit also has other game effects; the Marshal adds it to the roll when a character dies to determine if he comes back Harrowed, and many supernatural critters can sense this particular brand of inner toughness and will recoil - you gain +1 to Intimidation against any monster smart enough to tell that messing with you would be a bad idea. Those with Arcane Backgrounds (see below) can occasionally get a little more 'oomph' out of Grit as well - see the individual descriptions for more details. This Advantage cannot be bought at character creation except by those with the Veteran of the Weird West disadvantage, and no more than one level can be bought in a given story. This replaces the normal 'Fearless' Advantage found in the Basic Set.

Arcane Background: [5 points] This is the Unusual Background required by Hucksters, Shamans, Blessed, and Mad Scientists. See the sections on those for more details. Having more than one of these backgrounds is EXCEEDINGLY rare, requiring GM's permission and raising the cost to 25 points EACH.

Lucky: [5 points/level] This replaces the normal Luck advantage found in the Basic Set. You get one extra Fate Chip at the beginning of each session. These extra chips can be used for anything normal chips can. You can have up to 3 levels of Lucky.

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