Deadlands: Rocky Mountain Horror Show

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GM: Kevin
Players: Emily, Jeremy, Francois, Matt, Michelle, Andrew
System: Slightly Hacked GURPS (See House Rules)

Player Characters

Katie Hannon
Solomon Looks-Twice
Giles "Doc" Watson
Baron Ludwig von Vaderham
James Hanes
Maggie Eagle Bear

The City

Denver, Colorado. The city is fairly new; the first European settlers in the area were gold prospectors in 1858. The first schoolhouse was built in 1860 and the town grew steadily, being incorporated as Denver City in 1861. Denver became the Capital of the Territory of Colorado in 1865 and when Denver became a state in 1874, it stayed that way. Interestingly, both the North and the South lay claim to the state; the population's fairly divided on the matter even three years later, making the claim by both governments fairly moot.

The Union Blue Rail Line established a railhead in Denver in the summer of 1873; by summer of 1874 both the CSA's Dixie Rails Line and the Bayou Vermillion Line had also arrived, establishing contact to the East in both the North and the South. Heading west, Smith and Robard's Denver Pacific Rail Line travels to Salt Lake City and provides S&R with a link to sell their gadgets to the rest of the continent.

The mix of Northern and Southern immigrants has led to considerable tension in the city. For the most part it's restricted to brawls, but things occasionally get out of hand. Most establishments cater to one side or the other; places that try to be non-partisan tend to not last long. An exception to this rule is the First Bank of Colorado Territory; they provide moneychanging services and will serve clients from either the USA or the CSA. Security for the bank is provided by the Wells Fargo Company; the few people with the brass to mess with them quickly find out how bad an idea that was.

House Rules and Other Information

Fate Chips
Deadlands\New Advantages
New Disadvantages
The Harrowed
Mad Scientists
The Texas Rangers

New Gear

The Smith and Robard's company has begun producing and releasing several interesting gadgets on the open market; so far they have little competition, though it's known that both the USA and the CSA are working in various secret labs to produce weapons of war.

All prices below are in GURPS Dollars (converting to $0.10 in USA or CSA dollars); orders to Smith and Robard's can be sent by telegraph, and shipping (only to areas served by a major rail line) takes anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks.

Bulletproof Vest: $5000
Epitaph Camera: $1500 for the camera and 10 plates, with enough flash powder for 10 shots. Refills of plates and powder cost $150 each.
Gatling Pistol: $4500; uses standard .36 pistol ammunition.
Gatling Shotgun: $9500; uses standard 12-gauge shotgun shells or slugs. Additional (empty) drum cylinders can be purchased for $1500 each.