Dungeon Fantasy: Archbridge Adventures

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This is a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game, played online using OpenRPG.

Game Environment

We play on OpenRPG Veav 1 server, in the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy room. We use OpenRPG for chat, dice rolling, and character sheet maintenance. This is our "Virtual tabletop"
We also use MapTools v1.3b50 as our mapping/miniature program, because OpenRPG sucks donkey balls for maps.

Note that we will be following the updates to the Development branch of MapTools (v1.3bXX) as it updates, until 1.3 becomes the Stable branch. I am investigating the possibility of abandoning OpenRPG entirely once MapTools 1.3 reaches Stable release.

Next Sessions

February 17, 2009 currently set as our next game session.
This will be the first session using the new version of MapTools.

Gurps DF Rules

Rules resources, rules clarifications, house rules, and character creation notes.

Combat Quick Reference Table - The full layout of combat options in a (hopefully) easy-to-read table.

Tools and Resources

  • OpenRPG - you need this to play.
  • Maptool 1.2b32 - you also need this to play.
  • Mayhem Gaming - I get most of my miniatures here.
  • E23 - Steve Jackson Games' online store, where you can get the books.
  • Random resource: the equation for finding the cost C of a Dungeon Fantasy Power Item of power P is C = 10P^2 + 40P. And now you know.

The Setting

The adventurers work out of Archbridge, which is the last major city on the Western Trade Route. East of Archbridge lie the civilized lands of the kingdom, where people live peaceful lives lacking in adventure and excitement. West, however, is broken country filled with the remnants of fallen civilizations, the experiments of mad wizards, and roving bands of savage humanoids. Archbridge is a common base point for delvers of all stripes, and home to several temples, a small Druidic grove, smithies, shops, a wizards' college, a thriving Thieves' Guild, and everything else delvers need to equip themselves, rest, recuperate, and celebrate between successful trips.

Things to do In Town

Who We Are

Players, and their characters.

  • Kevin
    • Yasuki Hiroaki, a wandering warrior-merchant from the far east who claims direct descent from the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. Since he glows, his claim might not be entirely a lie.
  • Francois
    • Tybalt, a gray and brown tabby-patterned catfolk lad with a talent for getting into - and out of - trouble.
  • Benjamin
  • Crystal
    • Obrim Worcestershire, a dangerously competent warrior with some odd delusions about the healing power of beer.

Retired Characters

  • Kevin
    • Nymora, a Nymph Wizard who loves everything about human society, even if she doesn't understand most of it.
    • Marik, a Mountain Elf Scout who dislikes almost everything about human society. And elvish society. And every other society, really.
  • John
  • Benjamin
    • Ten Ox Ogden, a young martial artist from a faraway mountain village.

Quests and Sessions

Petronille has been kidnapped!

Summary: The 14 year old daughter of local farmers Goulon and Reldia has been kidnapped and carried off into the wilderness!


A Giant Problem in Hadler's Gap

Summary: the peaceful hamlet of Hadler's Gap is menaced by Logbrag the Giant. Logbrag used to be friendly...


  • 2008, April 10
  • 2008, April 14
  • 2008, May 01
  • 2008, May 08
  • 2008, May 29
  • 2008, June 05
  • 2008, June 20
  • 2008, June 27
  • 2008, July 11
  • 2008, July 25