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Until Smith and Robard's came along the process of taking a picture was a tedious one; you'd have to convince your subject to sit still for five minutes. This is particularly hard when your subject is trying its best to eat your face, and the good folks at the Tombston Epitaph wanted something that'd let them get photos with a little less risk. The Epitaph Camera is the answer to their prayers.

System: Simply, the camera takes instant black-and-white photographs. The plates still require developing, but that unpleasant five-minute wait has been done away with. Costs $1500 for the camera and enough flash powder and plates for 10 pictures. Refills can be ordered and cost $150.

Malfunctions: This is one of Smith and Robard's most reliable inventions - probably because it's so darned simple. Roll each time a photograph is taken with the camera; on an 18 the ghost rock powder used for the flash ignites, triggering a small explosion that deals 1d damage at the epicenter and breaks the camera. Fixing it requires 6 hours in a workshop and an unmodified Weird Science roll.

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