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Rule Zero

No player character enchanters.

Rule One

Quick and Dirty Enchanting isn't being used, so some enchantments will be more expensive than listed in DF1 or DF8.
Guideline: If the enchantment is $100 or less, multiply the cost by 20 to get the corrected cost.

Expendable items

All one-use enchantments (eg: spell stones) and magical ammunition enchantments are 1/5th the listed cost - AFTER being adjusted for Rule One. All alchemical items, poisons, and grenade-like chemical concoctions are 1/5th the listed price.


Any magic item or alchemical concoction from DF1 may be purchased at character creation (with the above cost modifications), except the Deflect enchantment, which is not available at character creation. No item can be enchanted without at least a +1 CF Quality, Materials, or Ornate modifier.
Note that armor enchantments are still subject to destruction by armor damage (as per the usual rules, repeated below) and the player will be expected to keep track of this. The GM suggests keeping a tally sheet for tracking penetrations, or a button on your character token.

The drawback is that when the item is badly enough damaged, the spell also vanishes. Keep track of the number of times the item is penetrated by enemy blows. When it has been penetrated (DR×5) times, using natural DR, it is damaged enough that the enchantment leaves.

-- GURPS Magic, page 66.

Other Rule Modifications

Armor Pieces Vs Armor Sets

The listed prices for Armour enchantments assumes armour enchanted as a set. This is any number of pieces in a single layer, to be worn on one person. The entire set must be worn to gain the benefit of the set enchantment - removing a single piece temporarily disables the enchantment. For this reason, helmets and gauntlets are often excluded from sets, as the pieces most often removed. Non-set pieces can be worn in adjunct, or even layered over/under a set without impacting the set enchantment. Multiple layers need to be enchanted as separate sets.

Individual armor pieces are enchanted at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent set. This is based on the final dollar cost, not based on the "energy" cost (since there is no Q&D enchanting in this game, the net results are pretty similar). A single armor piece covering multiple hit locations must be enchanted equally over all locations - a helmet that covers the Face and Skull cannot be enchanted only on the Skull.

A revised table based on Mark's BFA locations is provided below.

This means that enchanting full-body coverage piece-by-piece costs 130% of a full suit, but each piece functions individually in any combination.

Location Primary Secondary Tertiary
Head 10%    
  Skull   4%  
  Face   4%  
  Neck   3%  
Torso 42%    
  Chest   26%  
    Vitals     5%
  Abdomen   16%  
    Groin     3%
Arms 26%    
  Shoulders   8%  
  Upper Arms   5%  
  Elbows   5%  
  Forearms   8%  
Hands 8%    
Legs 31%    
  Thighs   16%  
  Knees   5%  
  Shins   10%  
Feet 13%    

* Individual limb pieces may be enchanted for 2/3rds the price of a matched pair.

Example: an Impenetrable Fine Plate Corsolet (DR 5, torso) would cost $1120 +3CF = $4480 for the armor piece, plus $2400 for Impenetrable (Fortify +2 DR) over the Torso, Vitals and Groin, for a total price of $4720. A decorated Barrel Helm of Lightness would cost $420 for the Ornate +1 DR 5 barrel helm and $200 for the Lighten enchantment on the Face and Skull, for a total price of $620.

New Or Modified Enchantments

Deflect, Defending Shield


Note that any random hit-location against someone with Deflect should be rolled before any Active Defense to determine if it strikes a protected location. There is no "passive defense" effect or "cover" effect, unlike in 3e, or with a real shield. Unlike Shield DB, however, the Deflect bonus applies from any angle - attacks from behind, above, and below do not circumvent Deflect. Deflect does not enable you to make otherwise forbidden Blocks or Parries.
Energy Cost is increased to 500/2500/8000/15000/25000 to reflect the significant utility of this enchantment.

Defending Shield

Energy Cost is reduced to 100/500/2000 to reflect the relative benefit compared to Deflect. Attacks from above, behind, and below, as well as the off-shield side, all circumvent the bonus from Defending Shield - just as with regular DB.



This should probably be called "Shatter Resistant" or "Ruggedized" or something else that doesn't imply absolute protection.

A "Shatter Resistant" enchantment costs $500 per pound of weapon or shield weight, up to 16 lbs ($8000) and increases the effective Quality of the weapon or shield one level (for breakage purposes only!). Very Fine items gain an additional +1 to resist breakage.

Defending Weapon

Cost to enchant Defending Weapon is reduced to 100/500/2000 to reflect the relative benefit compared to Deflect.

New Enchantments

These new enchantments are available at character creation, and at most places catering to adventurers.

Spell Effect Base Item Cost Prefix Suffix
Soilproof Unaffected by mundane dirt, blood, mud, etc. Still damaged by direct attacks. Wearer not protected. Armor Suit $500 Self-cleaning of Fastidiousness
Weapon, Other $250×Lbs
As per Self-cleaning, plus resists Making/Breaking spells with power 15, doubles the time to penetrate by Oozing Doom-type effects, and halves amount of DR lost to Corrosion attacks. Does not reduce the damage to the wearer by Corrosion or Oozing Doom, once it penetrates. Armor Suit $4,000 Resilient of Resistance
Weapon, Other $500×Lbs
Adjustable Clothing Resizes to fit any race, +/- 1 SM, Overweight, or Skinny Armor Suit $400×DR,
×2 if Very Fine or Masterfully Tailored
Comfortable of Adjustment
Clothing (DR 1* or worse) $300
Resizes to fit any race, +/- 3 SM, Fat, or Skinny Armor Suit $800×DR, ×2 if Very Fine or Masterfully Tailored Indulgent of Adaptation
Clothing (DR 1* or worse) $600
Toughen Harden vs DR divisor (2) Armor Suit $1000 Hardened of Proof
Harden vs DR divisor (3) Armor Suit $3,000 Indivisible of the Atom

Adjustable Clothing: Comfortable and Indulgent

This enchantment makes armor and clothes magically adjust to fit the wearer, within tolerances dictated by the strength of the enchantment.

This tends to be a post-market addition to armor - heirloom equipment, spoils of war, and second hand armor can be difficult to refit, but the item was likely tailored to fit someone when initially commissioned. This enchantment solves the problem for most characters, even bridging problems of SM or funny racial body parts.

These enchantments will not "fix" Cheap or Munitions armor - they'll just allow it to fit badly on everyone.

When the Comfortable or Indulgent enchantment is suppressed or lost, the armor will immediately fall off, rather than constricting or injuring the wearer. A full suit of armor in your hex counts as Bad Footing.

Comfortable or Indulgent clothing is also popular for maternity clothes for the nobility, and for formal outfits for banqueting.