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The core attributes have been changed around.

Strength is cheaper at 7/level, because one of its sub parts is now cheaper.

  • Lifting ST: 3/lvl
  • Striking ST: 2/lvl
  • HP: 2/lvl
  • Knockback is based on HP, not “ST”. Massless HP that don’t count towards collisions, falling, or slams also don’t count toward Knockback resistance.
  • Size Modifier no longer provides a discount on ST.

IQ is 20/level and is no longer the base for Perception or Will.

Perception is 8/level and is now part of the base for the new Reflexes stat, which is used to calculate dodge, active defenses, fast draw, and combat order. See below.

Will is 10/lvl and is now the base attribute for Influence skills. Other skills used as improvised Influence skills should be floated to Will for the roll (example: using Administration to improve the reaction of a bureaucrat).

  • Fright Checks are still Will based.

Reflexes (abbreviation: Ref) is calculated as (3*DX+ 2*Per)/ 5, which should produce an average of 10 for normal dudes. Combat order is by Reflexes. Keep fractions (to ⅕) for the purposes of combat order, but drop fractions for all other purposes. Reflexes costs 20/level, or +/-4 per +/-⅕.

  • Dodge is Ref/2+3.
  • Parry and Block rolls are floated to Reflexes, then calculated as normal (Skill/2 + 3).
  • Fast Draw is a -2 Hard technique off the relevant skill, floated to Reflexes. If there isn’t a relevant skill, it’s a -2 technique based off Reflexes directly.
  • "Active Defences Only" is a -25% limitation on the purchase price of Reflexes (making +1 to all defences = Extra Ref +2 (Active Defences Only, -20%) [30] - the same price as buying Enhanced Dodge +1, Enhanced Parry (all) +1 and Enhanced Block +1.
  • "Not for Active Defences" is a -60% limitation on Reflexes.
This is deliberately asymmetrical. Don’t buy it piecemeal unless you only want pieces.

Basic Speed is still (DX+HT)/4 and is now solely used to calculate movement rates on ground, in water, in the air, whatever. Raw Basic Speed is now 10/lvl, and most times PCs will want to buy up one of the movement modes directly.

Size Modifier is a leveled stat, with inverted value - positive SM is a disadvantage at -15 points per level, negative SM is an advantage at +15 points per level.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Appearance has been repriced - see the article for details. It also has clarifications on how/when the bonus applies.

Chi Talent is replaced by 5 separate "Oriental Elements" talents. If you have Chi abilities, you get a bonus equal to (your total levels of Chi Talents)/3, rounded normally, to use them. This will be included in the GDF.

Shapeshifting: Alternate Form has a base cost of 25 points , not 15. Add 70% of your template cost. Subsequent Alternate Forms are Alternate Abilities, once again 25 points + 70%. It takes a single Concentrate action to transform (not 10 Concentrates!), and you do not automatically come with a weakness that forces you back into your native form.

Remove the Signature Gear advantage from Basic Set, and replace it with the Signature Gear Perk. Plot protection for something you already own is cheap, free money is expensive - Dungeon Fantasy is about going on adventures for wealth.

Skills and Techniques

I approve Mark's Wildcard Skill Re-balance . Wildcard Skills are, of course, using the rules from Monster Hunters / Power Ups 5: Impulse Buys.

Fast Draw: Now a hard technique at -2 from a relevant skill. Always floats to Reflexes. If no relevant skill, is based directly on Reflexes-2. Separate technique for Fast Draw: Ammo vs Fast Draw: Weapon.

Filch: Rolled into Sleight of Hand.

Garrote: No longer exists. This gives an equipment bonus to Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling instead.

Knot-Tying: No longer exists.

Pickpocket: Subsumed into Sleight of Hand.

Shadowing: Subsumed into Stealth.

Sleight of Hand: Use for both Pickpocket and Filch.

Speed-Reading: Now just a perk.


Everyone will start with a basic Adventurers Kit for free, in addition to $1000 starting cash. This leaves players responsible for picking “fun” things and not forgetting basics like “food” and “light”.

  • You may choose not to bring items with you when you go out adventuring (to save weight), but you don’t get money back for that.


Mark’s Better Fantasy Armour will be used.

A SM +1 fighter, such as a barbarian with Gigantism, may use an oversized shield (not normally covered under usual scaling rules). Add 1 to the shields final damage, after adjusting for dice of damage. Also multiply final weight and cost, after all modifiers, by 1.5 Weapons


Boxing, Brawling and Karate do not give their damage bonus to swing attacks with Bladed Hands . These skills only give their full benefit to thrust damage effects. Remove the note [5] from the swing damage line for this weapon.

Long Knives get a -1 to Parry like other knife type weapons.

Great Axes do sw+5, getting a further +1 to damage on top of their Low Tech stats. I like great axes and not enough people are motivated to take them.

New and modified weapon modifiers

Magic Equipment

Magical equipment from DF1 is available for purchase at character creation, but prices and availability have been modified for some enchantments. See Enchantments for details.


  • Divine Favor for priests
  • College Book Ritual Magic for dabblers, wizards, specialty summoners. Threshold magic will be used, including the modified 2d based Calamity table.
    • Wizards (and other "arcane" spell-casters such as Elementalists, Necromancers, and Demonologists) get a Threshold of 5 and a Recovery Rate of 5 when they buy the 5 point Magery advantage. They can by additional levels of Extra Magical Ability at 10 points/level, with each level increasing Threshold by 10 and Recovery Rate by 15.
  • Alternate Mana levels will be used.
    • No and Normal Mana remains as written.
    • Low Mana comes in two levels, imposing a -3 to spell skill, and -6. Otherwise treat as "Low Mana" for all purposes (Recover Energy, Dependency, etc.)
    • High Mana comes in two levels, and grants a skill bonus (+3 and +6). Otherwise treat as "High Mana" for all purposes (Recover Energy, Dependency, etc.)
    • Aspects, “Twisted”, “Wierd”, and so forth are modifiers separate from the regular mana level.
  • Spellsongs and Enthrallments for Bards
  • Rational Spell Damage for everyone
  • Spot rulings on bad spells recorded promptly on the wiki by the player to save the GM work

I have some thinkum here on spell errata; I won’t be copying over my work on damage spells as we’re using Rational Spell Damage instead.