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Elevator Pitch

Mount expeditions into the Chaos Scar from your base in Restwell Keep, seeking to pacify this dark and dangerous region on the border of civilization. This is a classical hex crawl with location-based adventures in it.

The Chaos Scar is a long, wide valley carved long ago by the fall of a massive meteor that arrived with great and mysterious portent. The possibility of picking up some meteoric iron attracts many an adventuring group, but it appears that shards of this meteor attract many creatures of evil spirit...


GCA 4 GDF (compatible with GCA 5 beta) for this campaign's houserules is on the GCA Repository

Advice for character roles and backgrounds

The Chaos Scar is tied to no particular campaign setting. Make up your own nations, gods, ethnicities, what-have-you.

Wilderness/outdoorsy characters will have plenty of opportunity to be awesome, both in the pure hex-crawl part and in some outdoors "dungeon" locations. There are also traditional enclosed dungeons, giving plenty of opportunity to both pure combat characters and puzzle-solvers.

There will be opportunities to deal with mechanical and magical traps, "gunk" and dangerous magic/curses, and getting around hazards. Being a hexcrawl, a party that's low on specialists could rely simply on detecting trouble, and then abandoning a site if it seems too difficult.

There will be enemies using/abusing meteoric iron, and any wizard worth his pointy hat will tell you there'll be pockets of weird or dead mana lying around.

Magic Items At Character Creation

Any magic item or alchemical concoction from DF1 may be purchased at character creation, except the Deflect enchantment, which is not available at character creation. No item can be enchanted without at least a +1 CF Quality, Materials, or Decoration modifier.
Note that armor enchantments are still subject to destruction by armor damage (as per the usual rules, repeated below) and the player will be expected to keep track of this. The GM suggests keeping a tally sheet for tracking penetrations.

The drawback is that when the item is badly enough damaged, the spell also vanishes. Keep track of the number of times the item is penetrated by enemy blows. When it has been penetrated (DR×5) times, using natural DR, it is damaged enough that the enchantment leaves.

-- GURPS Magic, page 66.

See also Enchantments for some houserules and new enchantments available.

The Roster

Galeniyel Half-elven, Half-Elf Mystic Archer
Kaz, Coleopteran Barbarian
Kikahore "Kit" Hei-ingora, Human Shaman-bard
Hauiroto Itewirou, Air Elemental (Living Tornado) bodyguard
Sikorsky, Shoulder Dragon Wizardling
Daniel, Dark One Wizard
Aravalos, Mountain Elf Chi Archer-Thief


In general, the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy rules are used as the foundation, but complexity from "core" GURPS Supplements has been reintroduced.

Play Environment

We will be playing on Maptools, supplementing with Skype. Games are currently scheduled for each Wednesday starting at 6:30 PM EST and running until about 10:00 PM or 10:30 PM.

First game should be August 6, 2014. It actually was on September 10, 2014.

Record of Play

Session Summaries

Player Notes

Loot Spreadsheet