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Red Fletched Crossbow Bolts

The sage Emeranith was killed by a red fletched crossbow bolt.

A mud elemental at Voran's Keep also had a red fletched crossbow bolt in it.

The bullywugs at Voran's Keep were not advanced enough to use crossbows.

Theory: Someone tried to acquire the Staff of Earthen Might from Voran's Keep but failed.
Problems with theory: Where are their bodies, then? And why kill the sage?

Brown Dragon

A brown dragon is eating local sheep. The shepherds, ranchers, and farmers have had a whip-round to raise a bounty for it's destruction.

Rail Thieves

Thorgrim Spinehammer is a dwarf in charge of a small mine close to the Chaos Scar. He recently suffered the theft of his mining equipment and tracked the thieves as far as the King’s Wall. He's not willing to risk his own life by entering the valley, and he has posted a bounty for someone to follow the thieves to the cave and recover the equipment.