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These are notes and quick or long summaries of the sessions. Please write them blog style, with the most recent session at the top.

Individual Sessions

Session 15: July 15

Session 14: July 8

We bum around in town, researching the tentacle monsters (which turn out to be called Fell Taints) and buying anti-psi supplies. Then we head out north to look for the cave.

On the first night, Haiuroto searched for the cave and found it. The next morning, we hiked to the cave.

Session 13: June 17

Back in town, we sell and divide loot.

Kit talks to Ardia Ironleaf of Ironleaf Trading Company. Her father disappeared near the King's Wall and the most recent bunch of travellers saw tentacle monsters there. She'll pay 100 gp and give a 15% discount on ITC goods if his signet ring is recovered (preferably with him in it). Further investigation reveals the tentacle monsters to be floating masses of tentacles that cause headaches and confusions. They're probably Elder Things.

We found out some details of the lantern portal network, which are apparently a series of rooms that are disconnected in time and space. Specifically,

"It is fitting that the lantern’s elemental flame grants access to my library; only the knowledge in these books has granted me the power to tame the elements. My mastery over earth and stone continues to grow. I excavated the Tomb in record time and the portal opens perfectly when I blow the whistle. I wish I did not need a tomb, but I’ve chased off too many grave robbers over the past few months. I could not risk Locantra’s body being stolen. I moved entire blocks of earth at once, but they are now safe deep underground—the dead shall lie in peace. I have only one chamber left to build, but it will be the most difficult of all. I am almost finished with the key—just one final enchantment and the battle standard will be complete."

Session 12: June 10

The last of the kobolds were quickly dispatched.

Rooms of comfort.

Dragonblooded assassins were Heskin (prisoner) and Gravish (dead). They murdered the scholar to steal his research and make sure that no one else had the information.

We recovered the mine wagon, the dragon corpse and 8 lbs of alchemical significant organs, the scholar's notes, and went back to town. Sikorsky was forcibly restrained from towing the magical floating lantern through the magical portal out of fear that doing so would disable the portal.

Session 11: May 13

The violence in the pit room continued. Aravalos continued murdering things to the east, while Kaz picked up a kobold and bounced him off the roof. Hauiroto started flying behind the slingers and tossing them into the pit for Kit to whack with a staff. Things went poorly for the slingers, too.

By the end of the session, the remaining kobolds were desparately fleeing for a trap door, and Kaz was walloping the animated crossbows with his greatsword to finish them off.

Session 10: mid-April

The delvers explored the room for a bit, finishing off the kobolds and gathering loot.

Eventually, they decided that some of the runes were a weird magical portal and went through, Kaz first. They found themselves in a large pit with stairs leading up the east, and an open level surrounding the pit at the top of the stairs. A mixed force of animated crossbows, kobold slingers, kobold soldiers, and a kobold sorceror were defending some kind of dragonborn archer. Violence ensued.

Aravalos blew up everything with shattershot arrows, and Kaz charged a line of kobold soldiers and started turning them into pretzels. The kobold sorceror successfully cast Fireball, but took an arrow and dropped it before getting to to throw it, setting himself on fire. The slingers mostly missed Kaz and hit their allies instead.

Session 9: April 8

Kaz and Daniel explored the dragon innards to recover its heart and (remaining) eye, while Kit used potions, spells, and good old first aid to patch up everyone. After some quick looting, the group decided to continue into the cave with hopes of finding the lost mining equipment.

Aravalos cast Infravision and plunged into the darkness, soon meeting up with a kobold and a pony-sized giant reptile thing. Their arrow defense technique was weak and they soon collapsed with arrows in the vitals. Kaz followed up by grabbing the drake for a lot of CP and then pulling its neck into his sword, decapitating it.

In the distance, someone cast Invisibility. The delvers hurried down a narrow, twisty tunnel, eventually emerging in a small room lit by weird magical runes on the floor and occupied by 3 kobolds hiding behind bookshelves. Aravalos saw them and shot one of them in the heart, causing the others to reveal themselves to Kaz.

Daniel stepped into the room, unfortunately next to the invisible dragonborn sorceror. Daniel got ganked, but Aravalos responded with an arching shot arrow to the vitals that dropped the dragonborn. He never got to his feet before getting perforated by more arrows.

Meanwhile, Kaz grabbed one of the kobolds, bodily lifted him, and ran him into the third kobold. The third kobold, badly wounded, attempted to flee by crawling, but Kaz used the second kobold as an improvised fist load and killed him, then bit the second kobold in the neck until it died from sheer horror and excessively blood loss.

Kit had stepped into the room, next to the stolen minecart, where he discovered the world's dumbest kobold hiding in it. Kit insulted the kobold, then Hauiroto touched him and sent him flying across the room.

At the end of the session, Daniel was badly wounded but not dead, the dragonborn was subdued, and one of the kobolds was lying in a huddle on the floor, reflecting on his poor life choices.

Session 8: February 18

The dragon attempted to flee by burrowing into the ground, but Kaz managed to grab its long tail and kept pulling. Aravalos continued to fire arrows at the dragon and the kobolds, and Sikorsky used Acid Touch on the dragon a bit.

Kaz and the dragon played tug of war for a while, with Kaz eventually pulling it a bit out of its hole. The dragon stopped trying to flee and came out to attack Kaz, but Kit used a Command to make it bite itself. The dragon flailed a bit more, and the Kaz began biting it, pulling it into his mouth for large amounts of damage. Eventually, the dragon died, as did the last of the kobolds.

Session 7: February 11

The delvers decided to belatedly bring out some light sources to deal with the rest of the kobolds. The brown dragon burrowed loudly towards them, eventually erupting beneath Kaz. Kaz and it engaged in a wrestling match, with Kaz mostly winning by grappling with all six limbs and biting its neck. The other delvers edged around the fight, trying to contribute, and mostly picking off the remaining kobolds.

Just before the end of the session, Kaz attempted to break the dragon's neck, but mostly failed to penetrate its powerful armor.

Session 6: February 4

Kaz triggered the ambush by charging a pair of kobolds at the front of the cave. They dropped quickly, but Kaz was further engaged by a clumsy pair of slingers tossing alchemical fire. As Aravalos and Hauiroto moved up to engage them, the brown dragon emerged from around the bend in the cave, advanced, and breathed corrosive sand on Kaz and Sikorsky, crippling both of them.

Kit frantically healed his allies. Aravalos shot the brown dragon in one of its gem-like eyes, causing it to disappear in a puff of sand. It was unclear if the dragon was dead or just in hiding.

Session 5: December 17

The group restocked in Restwell, bought new gear, and the like. They learned about a small dragon eating local livestock and that someone stole some mining equipment from a local dwarf mine.

The delvers went back to the ruined keep and tried to track the crossbowman to wherever he went. The tracks went north and eventually came to a cave in a hillside. Kobold miners were in the cave, and apparently had stolen the dwarven equipment. Based on some disruption near the cave entrance, it seemed likely that the same brown dragon that had been eating the livestock was also allied with the kobolds and prepared to ambush anyone attacking the kobolds.

Kazz and Galen prepared an ambush while the wizardly types advanced.

Then Emily had to do prep and the game ended.

Session 4: December 10

While beating up the mud monsters, the mud began to boil. Eventually, Ckakenax the Burning Wrath, an angry volcanic steam elemental and efreeti gentry, burst from the mud and started fighting the delvers for control of the Staff of Earthen Might. Kazz got beaten by Emberheart, his oversized longsword, and was crippled, while Kit used magic to scare the spirit into retreating. As Kazz was grabbing the earth elemental, things went poorly for Ckakenax. Aravolos pumped explosive arrows into Ckakenax's immobile chest, and he was defeated.

The delvers proceeded to loot the place and went back to Restwell Keep. They never did find who killed Emeranith, since the bullywugs clearly didn't have the technology to use crossbows.

Session 3: ???

The delvers finished off the toads and frogmen. They went through a door to the west and found the Staff, spewing mud in a small annex.

Kazz walked through the mud to retrieve the staff, only to be attacked by mud elementals. Another fight ensued.

Session 2: ???

The delvers entered the basement and encountered more bullywugs. They killed them, pushing on into another room and running into some very large toads and more frogmen. A fight ensued.

Session 1: September 10

The delvers arrived at Restwell Keep and introduced themselves to the guard. Kit claimed to be a storyteller accompanied by mercenary bodyguards; Kaz affirmed and said he was there for the wenching; while Daniel admitted to be an adventurer.

After surrendering (some of) their weapons, they continued on to the Stumbling Giant Inn and investigated for rumors. Local sage Emeranith had recently been killed by monsters using crossbows; the monsters had fled the Keep for locations unknown. Lacking any obvious purpose, the delvers decided to take up bounty hunting. Aravalos and Galen examined the crossbow and its distinctive red fletching; Kit cast History on it and retraced its travels for the last day. That led over the wall to a large Ironwood(?) tree and eventually Galen acquired a trail back to a gap in the King's Wall.

While Galen was tracking, Daniel researched Emeranith. The sage had been researching the Chaos Scar, especially the history of the area before the meteorite landed. From his notes, Daniel reconstructed this information:

Centuries ago, a powerful goliath sorcerer named Voran Earthmane constructed a keep in the middle of a rank swamp where he could conduct his arcane research in peace. Voran conducted many experiments in the laboratory beneath his keep, mostly centered on the creation of magic items that harnessed the power of the Elemental Chaos. One of his achievements was a staff that drew strength from earth, and he called it the Staff of Earthen Might.

Daniel himself knew a little about the staff, to wit:

The staff of earthen might is Voran's greatest achievement. It grants the wielder stability and power when standing on the earth, both physical power and magical. The staff also has direct powers in combat, with the potential to encumber foes with the weight of the earth.

Galen managed to determine where Voran's keep would be on the map, about 15 miles from Restwell Keep beyond the King's Wall.

The next morning, the delvers traveled into the Chaos Scar, following the trail. In the late afternoon, they found the ruined keep.

Galen and Aravalos scouted ahead while Daniel, Kaz, and Kit hid. The scouts reported multiple bullywugs and established ambush positions. Kaz approached the building, calling out in friendship, and the scouts commenced slaughtering giant man-frogs.