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Game Premise

Most governments have some form of deniable unit to keep their borders monster-free. Their mission is simple: if it isn’t human (or authorized), kill it. Despite their vast resources, they prefer to operate using small, well-equipped, well-trained teams directed by command and support personal from a centralized base. In the case of the U.S. program, while it is technically a federal program, it receives most of its funding from several private individuals and trusts, as well as a few of America’s allied countries that have lower key versions, such as Canada.
The Department of Occult Defense – the DOD, not to be confused with the Department of Defense (though agents use this confusion to their benefit all the time) – was established in 1919, right after the end of World War I. The founders included Linden del Cage (a Marine who served in World War I and saw many strange things), Irving Stoker (the son of Bram Stoker), H.P. Lovecraft, and Robert Grimm (a descendant of Jacob Grimm, of Brothers Grimm fame). The DOD’s main mission is to protect humanity from supernatural threats and menaces, regardless of border or location. In practice, this rarely extends beyond North America, and they try to avoid "turf wars" with other anti-occult groups (particularly those that are government-run).
The PCs are one of about a dozen front-line DOD cells worldwide. While the organization generally identifies supernaturals who need to be targeted, operatives are given great leeway in the 'how' of their work, and frequently expected to do much the investigation work 'on the ground'. There is significant oversight, but the benefit of having a powerful organization to rely on in a pinch is equally significant. DOD operatives are recruited in a variety of ways, and from all over the world.
See Pyramid 3.73 ("Monster Hunters II") for further details about the DOD, the HPLD, and various other organizations present in the world.


Wilhelm Wyse, a centuries-old vampire using his deep pockets for the side of right.
Kamilah Nassar, warrior-priestess who follows an ancient Egyptian goddess.
Quinn Davies, a powerful telepath and psychic recruited by the DoD at a young age.
Benjamin Wilshire, a man out of time adapting well to this new 21st century of monster hunting.
Leila Green, a Voodoun practitioner from the street level, knowledgeable about magic, the walking dead, and gangland life.

World Information

The Department of Occult Defense
The Howard Phillips Lovecraft Directorate
The Gladius Dei
The Fellowship of Wadjet
The Thule Society
The Venatori


The Freedom Dig Job


You should have available to you the following GURPS books (ask the GM if you need a copy)
  • GURPS Basic Set: Characters
  • GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns
  • GURPS Monster Hunters 1: Champions
Optionally Useful
  • GURPS Monster Hunters 2: The Mission (what does it all MEAN?)
  • GURPS Monster Hunters 4: Sidekicks (everybody needs a Xander)
  • GURPS Martial Arts (for characters based on physical combat)
  • GURPS High-Tech (for anyone who likes cool gear)
  • GURPS Gun-Fu (for anyone who wants More Cool Gun Tricks)
  • GURPS Powers (useful for power-building if you're a Mystic or a Mage)
  • GURPS Psionic Powers (Captain, I sense hostility)
  • GURPS Loadouts: Monster Hunters (more cool gear)
  • Pyramid 3.73 (Monster Hunters II)

Character Creation

Characters should be built using the templates found in GURPS Monster Hunters 1. Experienced players can feel free to build off-template but should have a template at the core. Talk with the GM. In addition to the template, all characters must take the DOD/HPLD Template. All characters get an additional 25 points to spend freely.
See also Houserules.


There will be some. Possibly a lot.