GURPS Supers: City of Heroes

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Cast of Characters

Our Heroes

Augustus Amazing, also known as The Marvellous Professor Amazing, at 79, seems old to be a superhero. Indeed, many people underestimate him, and he prefers it that way. A master of trickery, illusion, and the martial arts, Amazing is definitely no feeble old man.

Jane Guthrie, better known as Hot Stuff, a mutant with the ability to project and control fire. She flies, she throws blazing bolts, and she LOVES the press she gets for being a superhero.

Maxine Cordell, a college student and superhero who adamantly refuses to use any sort of super alias. Another mutant, her abilities involve control over darkness and shadows, even imbuing them with solidity and a life of their own. Sometimes, though, she's not entirely sure she's fully in control of her constructs.

William Watson, or Cold Steele, has little idea where exactly he gained his powers. What he does know is that he's got amazing reflexes, the ability to heal rapidly from nearly any wound, and that there's another guy just like him out there - who wants him dead.

Supporting Cast

Dr. Travis Cordell, researcher with Sonomex Pharmaceuticals, Inc (a division of Crey Corporation) and adopted father of Maxine Cordell. Sonomex has been implicated in illegal drug testing cases several times, but none of the cases has ever gone to trial, and their PR firm works quietly around the clock to keep the company's reputation clean.

The Ice Queen, extreme feminist heroine and determined rival of Flamin' Jane. The Ice Queen considers Jane a massive step back for women everywhere.

Setting Information

Paragon Wiki provides a lot of information about Paragon City and the factions that inhabit it. For playability and plausibility, there are a few major changes from 'canon' City of Heroes information.

  • There are far fewer superheroes in the GURPS City of Heroes world. The PCs represent one of five or six super-teams in Paragon City, rather than the hundreds of Supers one finds in canon.
  • While gang violence is a fact of life in poorer areas of town, it's fairly rare that criminals are bold enough to hang out in the streets in large numbers. The exceptions are the 'Hazard Zones', areas blocked off by security forces for various reasons.
  • The game begins shortly after the original Rikti invasion; many of the world's heroes died in that conflict. Some of the information at Paragon Wiki reflects events that haven't happened yet (and may not happen at all) in the game world.
  • Teleportation technology is not perfect or widespread enough for the hospital and jail teleporters used in canon CoH.

Power Sources describes the various superpower origins available to PCs.

Paragon City: Locations will contain information about the important locales in Paragon City. For detailed information on city districts as a whole, use the Paragon Wiki link above.

Paragon City: Factions will contain information PCs have learned about the various factions. It may end up contradicting Paragon Wiki as I diverge from CoH canon.

Paragon City: Heroes: While the PCs represent one active super team in Paragon City, there are other superheroes around - other teams, some perhaps waiting to start their careers, others who survived the Rikti invasion and have been operating solo on a neighbourhood level since then. They may turn out to be allies or rivals of the player characters.

Character Creation Guidelines

Some hard numbers and general guidelines can be found here.

House Rules and Optional Rules

Various house rules and optional rules have been implemented, including 'Nobody Dies', 'Skills for Everyone', and others. See the City of Heroes: House Rules page for more details.