Gatling Shotgun

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Recognizing a market among those desperate for more firepower (and among the truly insane), S&R have released the drum-feed 12-gauge Gatling Shotgun. Difficult to use, unreliable, and heavy, this may just be the best (or only) way to put lots and lots of big holes in something that might be able to swallow you whole. Lawmen will DEFINITELY be keeping a close eye on anyone packing one of these monsters.

Gatling Shotgun: 1d+1 pi; Acc 1; Range 50/125; Weight 15/0.7; ROF 2x9; Shots 12; ST 12; Bulk -8; Rcl 3. Cannot be Fast-Drawn. See 'Shotguns' (Campaigns, p.409) for damage notes. Statistics are for buckshot; slugs use DMG 5d+1 pi+, ROF 2 and do not get the bonuses for spray or close attacks.

Malfunctions: On an attack roll of 15 or 16, the feed rotator jams; spend five seconds cursing and kicking the damn thing to clear it. On a 17 the drum feed blows; the gun cannot be fired again until repaired, requiring 6 hours in a workshop and an unmodified Weird Science roll or an Armory (Small Arms) roll at -2. On an 18 the gun backfires badly; if loaded with buckshot this is an explosion dealing 9d+9 at the epicenter. If loaded with slugs, deal 5d+1 pi+ damage to the wielder's gun arm. In either case, the gun requires major repairs: 16 hours in a workshop and a Weird Science roll at -2 or Armory (Small Arms) at -8.