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Jane Guthrie
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Personal Data
Real Name: Jane Guthrie
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Power: Flame creation and projection
Biographical Data
Occupation: Lovely Assistant
Hometown: Atlanta
Base of Operations: Club Sixteen
Marital Status: Single
Parents: Raymond Gunthrie, and Adele Guthrie, ne MacGregor
Siblings: None

Hot Stuff

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Civilian Appearance

Super Appearance


In two words: Attention Seeking.

Jane is basically a nice person who likes nice people, but she loves being the center of attention and isn't afraid to flaunt everything in order to get it. Being on stage as the official distraction for a magician is a pretty easy way to get lots of attention, but flying through the air, on fire, in a skimpy costume, while blasting bad guys isn't too hard either and it gets your photo in the news (and about 60 000 video clips of you on YouTube).

Jane isn't out to kill the bad guys, but she probably wouldn't get too torn up if it happened by accident. Innocent bystanders are another issue entirely, and she might overdo frying someone in order to protect a civilian. People who use other people as human shields are pretty firmly on the Bad Guy list but of course risking the victim is horrible too - as a result, Jane hates hostage situations.

Personal History

Jane's parents are Raymond Gunthrie, and Adele Guthrie, ne MacGregor (Daughter of Daniel MacGregor AKA Professor Amazing). They live in Atlanta, which makes regular appearances challenging, but Jane calls or emails them every week and usually goes home for Christmas. Raymond and Adele were "estranged" for over a decade, but they have recently rekindled their relationship. During the separation, Jane and Adele lived in the family home, and Raymond kept an apartment downtown making only brief appearances in Janes life.

Jane is the spoiled/neglected only child of a mother who spent her child's teen-aged years as a working single mom. This may or may not explain many things about her personality. To her knowledge, neither parent has powers but there's a big gap in her knowledge of her fathers life.

Power Origin

Jane's powers stem from a mutation, and manifested during puberty. Thankfully they were fairly controlled even from the beginning (unlike some pyrokinetics) and she avoided the usual disasters that come from fire-flinging. Her initial problems were (A) getting them to activate at all, rather than activating at inappropriate moments, and (B) being strong enough - producing a spray of sparks or a single candle flame when you wanted a fireball is a bit anticlimactic.

She practiced as a teenager, and at first in secret from her mother. Her mom came home from work early one day and caught her at it, though, and set up some "house rules" about flame throwing. Fortunately her fire suppression power and flame resistance developed quicker than anything else.

Day to Day Life

Jane has a small condo apartment near her job at Club Sixteen. The condo corporation has a front door security guard on the building, and the front door requires an RFID tag and passcode. There's a periodic patrol of the parking lot by a guard in a car, but it's more looking for people parking in the wrong spot than for criminals. The apartments feature very basic security systems (above the third floor they're mostly focused on the internal door rather than the balcony).

Jane works with Professor Amazing as his official Lovely Assistant, and occasionally filling in at the burlesque show if one of the dancing girls is sick. She usually walks to and from work, although if the weather is bad (especially if it's cold or wet) she prefers to drive. Sometimes on really nice nights she might fly home if she figures no-one is looking.