Houseruled Abilities

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Player's Handbook

Orb of Imposition

Replace the entire power with the following:

Orb of Imposition
Encounter * Implement
Immediate Interrupt
Trigger: An enemy rolls a saving throw against one of your Wizard spells.
Target: The triggering creature.
Effect: Apply a penalty to the target's roll equal to your Wisdom modifier.
Special: You do not require line of sight or line of effect to the target in order to use this power.
Requirement: You must be wielding an orb.

Adventurer's Vault

Salve of Power

Replace the item description with the following:

Power (Daily): Minor Action. Apply the salve of power to a creature within melee touch range. The target can expend one healing surge to regain the use of one daily power of 5th level or lower (instead of regaining hit points). The target may not benefit from a Salve of Power again until after an extended rest. If the target has no healing surges remaining, it cannot benefit from the Salve.