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Manitou Possession: [-50 points] There's a manitou riding around inside your brain. This disadvantage is normally possessed (har) by the Harrowed, but some exceptionally unlucky sod might have this happen while he's still alive. The Manitou will always do its best to sow terror wherever it goes; however, it's frequently careful not to get you killed, since with this form of possession the Manitou dies when you do. It has a particular liking for causing trouble for your friends and loved ones. Characters with Manitou Possession also suffer terrifying nightmares every night (and should have the Nightmares disadvantage at 6-) and occasionally hear its voice when awake (Phantom Voices at at least the Annoying level); these disadvantages are worth full points. At any time, the Marshal may spend one of his Fate Chips for the Manitou to try and take over; this forces a Quick Contest of Will. The player is at -2 if the Marshal spends a red chip, and -4 if the Marshal spends a blue chip. The player may counter the attempt entirely by spending a Fate Chip of the same colour. If the player loses, the Manitou personality takes hold until the next time the character sleeps, at which point another Quick Contest of Will can be made. The Manitou is crafty, and may not want anyone to know it's in charge.

Veteran of the Weird West: [-15 points] You've been around the block a time or two, and you've seen some of what's out there to be seen. But the Weird West has left its mark on you. This is, essentially, 10 points in disadvantages that the Marshal gets to choose for you. 'Wow', you say, '15 points in exchange for 10 points in disadvantages? That's pretty neat!'. Not so fast, partner; you also have to provide a detailed background in order to get those points. And hey, the more pleased he is with the background, the more generous he's likely to be when it comes time to lay those disadvantages on you. This advantage allows the player to buy one level of Grit (see above) for the character, and characters with Veteran will almost always have this. This Disadvantage cannot be taken in combination with Mundane Background.

Unlucky: [-5 points/level] This replaces the normal Unlucky disadvantage from the Basic Set. You get one FEWER Fate Chip at the beginning of each session. You can have up to 3 levels of Unlucky; it is incompatible with the Lucky advantage above.

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