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Numenel is an elven archmage -- and like most powerful magi, this makes him cantankerous, arrogant, aloof and socially inept. Being an elf only redoubles these flaws, and adds a kooky accent to boot. Rumour has it he was turfed out of the elven community, but has yet to fall in with the Dark Elves; the term "grey elf" has been jokingly applied to him. For now he seems content to associate with humans, which is probably proof of whatever mental disorder made the elves expel him anyway.

Physical Description

Character Sheet

ST 9 HP 9
DX 10 Per 14
IQ 14 Will 14
HT 10 FP 12
Advantages Pts. Disadvantages Pts.
Intuitive Mathematician 5 Low Empathy -20

Spell Name Skill Pts. Spell Name Skill Pts. Spell Name Skill Pts.
Lightning Bolt 20 10 Golem 16 1 Dispel Magic 20 8


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