Petronille has been kidnapped!

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Petronille has been kidnapped


The 14 year old daughter of local farmers Goulon and Reldia has been kidnapped and carried off into the wilderness!

Treasure for this Adventure

The reward from Petronille's parents Goulon and Reldia for her rescue

  • A silver necklace and two silver filigree bracelets, which when sold as a set could fetch 18 gold and 60 silver. This was Reldia's dower, but both Goulon and Reldia consider recovering their daughter a fair use for it.
  • Goulon also offers you his hospitality while you're in town, and on future stays in Archbridge. There's no stated cut off date, but assume that your welcome will eventually run out if you keep camping out there. Staying with Goulon will cut your cost of living in town by half. This basically covers your costs for housing and food, but you still need to pay separately for maintenance of your gear, places to train, drinking at the inn, etc.
During your visit Chez Goulon, you'll enjoy plentiful, hearty farm food, and your choice of sleeping on the warm hearthstone, or on broad boards slung across the rafters to create temporary attic space.
Tybalt will have to endure Reldia trying to fatten him up, and Petronilles younger siblings Eru, Hedi, and Basan trying to tug on his tail or play with his fur (soft!).

Collected loot from the temple.

  • 70 silver talents off the corpse of the high priest.
  • A ritual dagger, made of bronze; the hilt is sculpted in a bust of Asmodean, with two tiny (1 carat) rubies inset in the pommel as eyes. Technically worth 38 sp, but it will be a challenge to sell (You'll be at a penalty in the Merchant contest, or you'll need to find a buyer who'd be specifically interested in this kind of thing).
If someone can get the gems out without destroying them, they're worth 12 sp each and will be MUCH easier to dispose of without the rest of the dagger attached. If no-one in the party is brave enough to try it, you could try hiring a jewler... although most jewlers would be worried about handling this kind of object.
  • A large, shallow bronze bowl that was being used as a ritual oil lamp (stolen off the statue of Asmodean). Embossed in an attractive and nondenominational fire pattern. Weighs 30 lbs. 50 sp
  • 6 salvaged and slightly scorched horns found in the debris of the exploded imps. Sells to a wizard or alchemist for 3 sp each, sells in the market for 1 talent each as curiosities.
  • Four tapestries, one of which is 12' by 12', 32 lbs, and theoretically worth 15 gold nobles between the size, the art quality, and the fine red, yellow, and orange dyes, but features the World Tree in flames - which is downright blasphemous and will cause you some trouble trying to sell it. (see the ritual dagger, above).
The other three (6' by 6', 8lbs) are more conventional and are worth 75 sp each.
  • 1 working ST 12 crossbow - singed, and needs a new string, but can sold. Worth 30 sp. 6 lbs.
  • 1 totally broken ST 12 crossbow. Only worth is as scrap. 6 lbs.
  • 9 suits of scale mail in various states of holes-and-stabs in it. Sellable at a value of 55 sp each for having the former owner be murdered in them and needing repairs. 35 lbs each.
  • 1 ornate breastplate, scorched but cleanable, that used to have matching straps and buckles. It is still sculpted, but the paint job is a writeoff. Used to be Ornate +2, now is Ornate +1 and requiring new hardware. Repairable for 50 silver, or sellable for a base value of 10 gold nobles. 18 lbs.
  • 1 ornate thrusting bastard sword, in a flame-toungue design. 15 gold nobles, 3 lbs.
  • 1 set Mail limb armor (Arms and legs), sooty but easily cleaned. Sellable for 45 sp, or wearable. 24 lbs.
  • 1 Barrel helm, sooty, bloody, but easily cleaned once you get the head out. 3 gold nobles or wearable, 10 lbs.
  • 1 pair gauntlets, 1 pair solerets, sooty. 3 gold, 3 sp. 5 lbs.
  • 1 medium iron shield, sculpted with a dramatic flame motif. Sooty. 4 gold 10 silver. 30 lbs.
  • 11 robes, stabbed, slashed, rent, and generally bled all over. Scrap. 22 lbs.
  • 1 unholy symbol of asmodean, gold. Sold for the value of of the gold alone, 65 silver. Negligable weight.
  • 11 unholy symbols of Asmodean, wrought-iron. Scrap. 10 lbs.
  • 4 shortswords. 5 gold nobles each, 2 lbs each.
  • 7 short glaives (dueling glaives, for those of you with Martial Arts). 1 gold noble each, 6 lbs each.
  • enough demon ichor to make 1 dose of the Demons Brew poison from Dungeon Fantasy 1, page 28. Can be sold for 2 gold nobles, 10 talents, or can be used with a successful Poisons skill check to make a dose of Demons Brew at 60% off, instead of 20% off. Neg. weight. Did someone bring a glass vial to put it in?
  • 2 scrolls of Major Healing, sealed in scroll cases (1d seconds to extract, but watertight and provides DR 6 vs accidental damage).
These enchanted scrolls can be used as a one use, free, casting of Major Healing by anyone able to read Hearish, without spending fatigue points or rolling dice, against a subject within one yard. Heals 8 HP each.
100 sp each for the scrolls, 6 sp each for the scroll cases, but I suggest hanging on to them, now that you're without a healer. 1 lb each for the bone scroll cases, neg. weight for the scrolls.