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Player/Character Roster


  • John - Dwarf Wrathful Invoker of Pelor.
  • Kevin - Embersoul Genasi Warlord
  • Jeremy - Dragonborn Dragon Sorcerer
  • Andrew - Skill-monkey Urban Ranger (human?)
  • Jason - Elven Ranger
  • Tammy - Cleric (human?)
  • Jonathan - Goliath Warden
  • Phillip - Half-Orc Barbarian Alchemist

Interest Expressed:

  • Michelle

Character Creation

Level one heroic adventurers with a generally classic feel preferred.

Allowed Source Material

Players Handbook 1, Players Handbook 2, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, Heroes of the Feywild, and Heroes of the Elemental Chaos.


The general guidelines are 'Rubber Forehead Alien' and 'Not A Monster'. Teiflings, Dragonborn, and Half-Orcs are half-monster, and thus get rounded up to 'not a monster' if well-behaved.

Allowed:Dragonborn, Dwarf, Eladrin, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human, Teifling, Deva, Gnome, Goliath, Half-Orc, Githzerai, Genasi, Mul (Dark Sun).
Currently under consideration (but I'm a little reluctant about): Changeling, Kalashtar, Pixie.


Classes from the allowed source material list.

I am provisionally allowing builds from the power-source splat books (Arcane Power, Divine Power, Martial Power I and II, Primal Power). I would prefer people stick to just using the powers/feats for more standard builds as opposed to completely diving into the new builds, but not all the new builds are stupid or don't fit in, so feel free to ask me if one catches your eye.

I might allow an Executioner character, but the character should generally be built and played as a "backstabby thief" with an exotic streak rather than a contract murderer. Dragon Magazine Assassins are not allowed, nor are the Dragon Magazine ninjas.

Multiclass feats are allowed (with any of the regular Allowed Classes), but I am currently not allowing hybrids.

Backgrounds and Themes

Any background that gives a +2 to a skill or adds an additional skill to your list of class skills is acceptable. Backgrounds that instead of a skill bonus give a bonus language are also OK. Other minor benefits will be considered, but this is the sort of power level I'm considering.

You may also take any other background as long as it is not the background you gain a mechanical benefit from. It's possible nobody will believe you when you say you're the prophesied hero of all dragonborn from Sigil and raised by desert elves of Athas, but that's how it goes.

A list of approved Themes (introduced in Dark Sun, propagated all over the place) has been generated. I will be available to suggest appropriate Themes and provide rules for people who haven't picked one due to not having the books to refer to - they're sort of new still. The short description is "Like a background, crossed with a Paragon Path dumbed down to Heroic tier."

  • Alchemist
  • Chevalier
  • Cormyrian Battle Mage
  • Explorer
  • Guardian
  • Guttersnipe
  • Hordelands Nomad
  • Knight Hospitalier
  • Mercenary
  • Noble
  • Oghma's Faithful (Iouns Faithful)
  • Ordained Priest
  • Order Adept
  • Outlaw
  • Scholar
  • Seer
  • Wild Hunt Rider
  • Wizard's Apprentice


All powers from the allowed source material list.

Powers from the Power Source splat books (Arcane Power, Divine Power, Martial Power I and II, Primal Power) that don't require a build from the Power Source splat book (unless I've already okayed that build of course).


Feats from the allowed source material list. Also feats from source "Splat" blooks (Arcane Power, Divine Power, Martial Power I and II, Primal Power), and in general any of the feats to take Improved/Exotic/Superior weapons, armor, and implements - regardless of source..


Equipment from the allowed source material list is allowed without restriction.
Exotic/Improved implements and weapons (and the feats required to use them) are allowed, but the GM would like you to not become hyperspecialized enough that handing out treasure becomes an issue.
Superior/Improved/Exotic weapons and implements are allowed regardless of source. Other non-magical, non-consumable, non-alchemical equipment from Adventurers Vault I and II and Mordenkeinen's Magnificent Emporium might be allowed. Check with me.

Note on Magazines

Nothing from Dungeon, Dragon, third party publishers, fan websites, or an adventure is allowed without explicit GM permission, and generally you should expect me to say "No".


Please try not to overspecialize - either at character creation or as your character develops, and be prepared to find things that aren't perfect for your character.

The GM would like to not have to worry about PC #1 only being able to use left handed corkscrews that do acid damage lest four feats and a major class feature stop working, while PC #2 can only use a silver-edged garden hoe with the duct-tape handle-wrap feature for the same reason. It makes it a headache - either I give you exactly what you already have, but with a bigger plus on it (Boooring), or you don't get to enjoy upgrades.

I would especially recommend against a build that requires a specific kind of magic item to function - or go with a hyper optimized build and the foreknowledge that you may be upgrading your weapon from party petty cash more often than not (and therefore lagging behind more or less that +1ish you got from being hyper-optimized).

Especially worth of note: PCs will not be getting a magic ritual to swap around enchantments while in the field any time soon - it's going to be an in-town-only feature for a while.

Campaign Expectations

Campaign Duration

I have material for the entire Heroic Tier here, I think.

My general goal is to try and have most locations be reasonably self-contained little areas. Most times it won't be possible to take an extended rest before clearing a site, and you can't always count on being able to take a short rest between encounters (although it's not going to be a regular problem, for sure - and you might be able to prevent this from being a problem entirely).

I would ideally like to be able to clear most locations in a session or two, to allow for changing availability for a potentially very-large group. With a group this large, I will be running whether everyone is here or not - absent players will have their PCs sent to check on the horses, oversleep while the rest of the party hikes off, or will stay in town carousing while the rest of the party goes out on an adventure, to catch up later with a hangover.

Common foes and obstacles

Foes: Humanoids of many kinds, Animals (giant and normal), Undead, Oozes, Magical Beasts, Elementals. There are, of course, the obligatory evil cultists (there may or may not be multiple flavors!)

Obstacles: Expect traps - more often the simple bear-trap, pit trap, spear trap, or the like - not Grimtooth's Traps or Tomb of Horrors type insanity. I will be assuming you are all sensible adventurers and that you are actively checking for traps at all times; if I'm not sure, I'll ask if you are :)
You will also find encounters sprinkled with difficult terrain, interesting hazardous terrain, poison-using hazards/foes/traps, and disease-spreading hazards/foes/traps.

Abstracted Resource Management

4e characters already have more to keep track of than oD&D characters ever did. So while Resource Management was a Big Thing, there's enough built into the game that I don't really want to get into it with mundane stuff.

You're level 1 adventurers, you're not nearly cool enough to not keep some eye on rations and arrows (infinite food/ammo comes from magic items in the level 4 to 9 range), but counting individual thingies sucks and makes gamers sad. Wilderness survival and conservation/replacement of food/ammo will be handled as a daily Skill Challenge.

If you get stuck in the tunnels somewhere, I reserve the right to convert the game over to Survival Horror mode, with arrow and ration counting.

Lay of the Land

The aforementioned Keep on the Borderlands (AKA Restwell Keep) is an "urban" community. Well, town, but there is a reasonably detailed environment for "town" action.

There's a significant wilderness area around Restwell, and plenty of places to get into trouble out-of-doors. Overland travel will mostly be handled as either a cut-scene (travel to a known destination or one you have a map for over a road), or as a separate navigation skill challenge and probably a couple of encounters (travel to an unknown destination, tracking an escaped target, or just wandering around cross country looking for monsters to beat up).

There's also a LOT of little "dungeons" around the area - in buildings or outright below ground in tunnels/caves/whatever.

Locations will not be tailored exactly to your current level - it is possible to run into a situation that's out of your league. In nearly all of these situations, it's also possible to back out again before it all goes pear shaped... but it's also possible for you to /make/ it go pear-shaped.

Of course you can find things to pick on that you outclass - some of which will want to run screaming for reinforcements rather than fight you on their own, and you'll have a little skill challenge to run them down or silence them... or to fight through a torrent of weenies.