Restwell/Survival Skill Challenge

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Once a day while travelling in the wilderness, the PC party will need to make a Survival Skill Challenge. These Skill Challenges will generally be Simple (3 successes before 3 failures) but longer trips or excursions into harsher environments will raise the success requirements.

Applicable Skills and Bonuses

  • Easy DCs: Endurance and Nature always qualify for an Easy DC.
  • Moderate DCs: Other skills might be applied, but will face a Moderate DC and a demand for a good story.
  • Misc. bonuses: PCs who pack "reasonable survival gear and refresh their consumable equipment when given a chance" get a free +2 to their skill checks (arbitrarily defined as not loosing your adventurers kit and restocking with 3 days of food and 30 arrows/bolts/slingstones/darts). Stealing/looting/buying equipment from monsters can help here.

Success and Failure

Success means you have a wonderful time in the woods: you find food and the perfect replacement slingstones, fletch new arrows, bolts and darts while singing Girl Guide songs by the fire in the evening, and generally have a great trip (plus or minus wilderness encounters).

Failure means you have one of those miserable woodland journeys where someone uses poison ivy as toilet paper, someone else steps in a hornets nest, and Bob startles a skunk. All PCs arrive at the next encounter down half a Surge worth of hitpoints due to bad morale; you may opt to spend a surge for free before the next encounter starts, or start the fight at a bit of a disadvantage.

Rituals are for Winning Skill Challenges

One casting of the 1st level Ritual "Create Campsite" can be used to count the caster or one other character as Trained in Nature for one days Skill Challenge, in exchange for a daily cost of 15gp in residuum. The 4th level Ritual Traveler's Feast combined with Create Campsite waives the need for the Survival Skill Challenge and carrying general consumables entirely (for 35gp/5 PCs).

Adventurers may also be interested in Explorer's Fire, Pass Without Trace, and/or Traveller's Camouflage for their utility in avoiding encounters.