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Sarig, the Lost God of Magic

Much of Sarig's time as a powerful entity is lost to the mist that his memory has become. What he remembers is that he was once the source for all of what mortals call "mana" - less a God in the usual sense, and more a personification of that pervasive force. After millennia came a challenge; an upstart mortal archmage seeking to steal the mantle and dominion of what had come to be worshipped as the God for his own. Sarig was unprepared for such a challenge, lazy and comfortable. His defeat was humiliating and nearly total; Sarig was lucky to escape to Akhelaten and refuge. His power stolen, he slept.

And woke, the city burning around him, the summoner who awoke him gasping his last breaths. There was pain, too, something not right - and then an almost instinctive twisting of the fabric of magic around him - and then two minds, two Sarigs, the pain eased as a single mortal shell was no longer tasked with holding the depth and breadth of all magical knowledge. There is still much that is unknown to the two Sarigs, locked away to emerge gradually as he returns to his full power.

Sarig has been manifested in two bodies; the first a human man, unremarkable in appearance, and the second that of a plain oakwood staff carved with magical sigils. Individually each is capable of significant feats of magic; both the staff and the man are capable of casting spells. Together, however, that power is amplified significantly.

Sadly, however, the entire library of magical knowledge is not something meant to be held in a single mortal brain, or even the equivalent of two of them. The result is a somewhat absent-minded Sarig, one who is basically friendly and helpful but who frequently has trouble focusing on details.


As a Personification, Sarig was tightly bound by certain rules and laws; the magic of his domain is structured and more or less predictable. Now that someone else holds that mantle, Sarig is less tightly bound, more free to act as he wishes. His ability is still restricted, however, by the laws of magic as they are known to mortal spellcasters.

Magic!: Sarig has a deep knowledge of the structure and theory of magic, and is capable of crafting magical effects by pure will alone. While he still has to follow certain rules - speaking the right words, performing the correct gestures, or at the very least constructing the magical patterns in his mind - the variety of powers he has at hand is tremendous, and when the two Sarigs put their minds together they are capable of some truly amazing feats.