The Freedom Dig Job

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The Dig

JULY 24, 2014 - Scientists to excavate Wyoming cave with trove of Ice Age fossils - Scientists will begin excavation early next week of an ancient Wyoming sinkhole containing a rare bounty of fossil remains...
SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 - Wyoming Cave Yields a Trove of Ice Age Fossils - A team of enterprising and adventurous scientists in Wyoming has just finished the first in a series of excavations...
NOVEMBER 5, 2014 - Excavation of Wyoming Sinkholes Halted - Operations at a sinkhole cave in rural Wyoming have been suspended following the disappearance of project lead Julie Meachen, paleontologist Alan Cooper, and a team of diggers at the site. Authorities remain baffled by the disappearances...

Freedom, WY

In February, 2015, the town of Freedom (population 218) effectively went silent. None of its residents have posted to social media or sent email; no phone calls have been made in or out. It's small enough and far enough out of the way that this hasn't hit the news, but the disappearance has raised red flags with the Department. A pair of FBI investigators were sent in mid-March and managed to communicate back that the town was deserted before going offline mid-transmission. Satellite imagery shows no activity in the town; the Department believes that something is happening which warrants a DoD investigation.

The Assignment

The Department doesn't know what to expect - this could be literally anything, which is why they are sending in a team like this; the assumption is that you can handle whatever you run into, and if sending in a full HPLD team turns out to be overkill, well, that's a plus.
The team will be flown in to Salt Lake City via government charter (so there are no worries about getting weapons or esoteric gear through security) and provided with a van. It's about a four-hour drive to Freedom from Salt Lake.