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Buying Stuff

Any of the gear listed in the Basic Set, as well as the normal gear listed in Dungeon Fantasy, can be purchased in Archbridge at list prices. There is a 50% surcharge on any Special Orders from Dungeon Fantasy, as well as on any arms or armor with modifiers other than Fine, Balanced, or Ornate.

Getting Stuff Cheaper

Useful skills for getting things on the cheap are Scrounging (for low-cost nonmagical gear), Armory (for melee weapons, missile weapons, or armor), Alchemy (for potions), Herb Lore (for healing potions and natural preparations), Poisons (for poison), Merchant (for nearly anything), or Streetwise (to score on the black market).

Scoring Extra Cash

If Delving isn't proving quite profitable enough - or if a party meets with disaster - they may be forced to fall back on in-town skills to survive; alternately, they may need just a little bit more cash to score that choice piece of gear. Useful skills are Urban Survival (to scrounge gutters for spare change), Dancing, Musical Instrument, Performance, Poetry, or Singing (to entertain people in the streets), Public Speaking or Theology (to pontificate and acquire donations), Gambling (if you're willing to risk it), and Pickpocket or Counterfeiting (for those truly dishonest types).


The good people of Archbridge are willing to hire themselves out to delvers in need of guards, grooms, guides, and valets.

All hirelings require each week's pay in advance, and expect to be paid for the return trip from a delve site. They provide their own gear, drink, and food (at 4 lbs/day). Under no conditions will they enter an actual delve site, but they can be counted on to watch the delvers' gear and campsite and defend it against random monsters. The bodies and gear of hirelings killed in service are expected to be returned to their families, along with a death stipend of a month's salary.

For every 4 non-guard hirelings hired, at least 1 guard must be hired. The people of Archbridge will not enter the deep wilderness without protection.

Hireling Weekly $ Gear Other Notes
Groom 80 Bedroll, clothes, staff, lasso, combs and brushes Can tend 4 equines (horses, mules, donkeys)
Street Thug 50 Knife, club, leather jacket Serves as a guard. Unreliable.
Sellsword 100 Bow, leather armor, axe, small shield Serves as a guard.
Mercenary Guild Guard 180 Crossbow, broadsword, shield, mail armor. Serves as a guard. Bonded by the guild; reliable.
Guide 100 Bedroll, compass, club Has Navigation-13, Area Knowledge (Archbridge Surroundings)-12 and sketchy maps of all of the mountains nearby.
Porter 50 Bedroll, two sacks, pole. Has ST12 and carries stuff.
Valet or Maid 60 Bedroll, dwarven whetstone, cleaning supplies Will sharpen master's weapons in the morning before they go to a delve site.
Gives a +1 bonus on the first Fear, Stun, Unconscious or Death check
Wagon drover 160 Bedroll, wagon-cart, two draft horses Carries 1000 lbs in a wagon that travels 10 miles a day.
Delvers assume responsibility for the deaths of the horses, at $1400 each.
Rented Riding Horse 25 + 500 deposit Saddle, bridle, horse shoes A riding horse, worth $1200 if it is killed.
Will only be rented to delvers that demonstrate ability to care for horses or who have sufficient grooms.

Hirelings expect to be tipped after a particularly successful delve. Failure to do so makes it harder to recruit future hirelings. The definition of a successful delve, and the amount of the tip, have to be judged by each delver.